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"Birds of a Feather" Notecards now available - purchase price fully tax-deductible
Laurie Leinonen of Boulder--artist, volunteer and donor to Sense of Security, and good friend--created this image of support to raise money for Sense of Security. The watercolor/ink image, "Birds of a Feather," is featured on the front of 10 cards in each pack that sell for $20 per pack, plus $2.50 per pack shipping and handling if ordered by phone. The entire $20 purchase price is tax-deductible.

Order packs today for your friends and family or for gifts and help pay the living expenses of Colorado breast cancer patients in treatment.

Click on the image to toggle a larger view of "Birds of a Feather" by Laurie Leinonen.

Enter the purchase price based on the number of pack you are ordering. Each pack contains 10 notecards and envelopes. If you are ordering by mail, you need to include the cost of shipping and handling, which is $2.50 per pack. Your total dollar "donation" should equal the price of the pack of cards plus the total shipping and handling amount for each pack. Use this chart to price your card order.

Number of packs
Shipping and Handling --
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Please send a check payable to Sense of Security to 1385 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite A-302 Denver, CO 80222 or call 303-669-3113 to order by credit card.